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Squadroni serves the Brazilian domestic market and exports its products to countries in Latin America, Central America, the Middle East and Europe. Squadroni’s residential and office furniture products are found in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Lebanon and Italy, whenever you look for quality.

The recipe for the success of Squadroni products in these demanding markets – in addition to indisputable quality – is the close professional relationship with its customers and sales, participation in fairs and events in the sector worldwide and constant presence in the specialized media.

And for micro, small and medium enterprises, Squadroni is part of the accredited network of suppliers of the BNDES card, plus a facility for the acquisition of our products. Contact us and learn more about this advantage.


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Squadroni Latin America

As the largest manufacturer of casters in South America, Squadroni exports its products to several countries in Latin America. Counting on a network of highly qualified representatives, in the various markets of the region, we offer a differentiated service and close to our clients.

 Some of our global representatives.

If your region is not in this coverage, please contact us:

Telephone (11) 4546-8555  / Email:


Address: Av. Matta, 297 – Centro – Santiago
Contact: Paula Bustamante
Telphone: 562 26659890


Contact: Sr. Luis Fernando Agudelo M. – Director Comercial
Adress:Carrera 50 No 38-81 (Centro)
Medellín – Colombia.
Contacts: Tel.: +574 – 4449639 | Cel.: 3122863796