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To be the largest manufacturer of furniture casters in South America, we have returned all our efforts to continuously improve our production methods and processes. In addition, we invest heavily in technology and materials research. Our commitment to innovation and quality means that we offer our customers bold design products made from the highest quality raw material, always rigorously tested and with their specifications, complying with all international safety standards. When you opt for Squadroni, you are putting in your product tradition, good taste and quality.

World Trends

Squadronni Casters

Squadroni casters allow smooth movement of furniture, and lend the beauty of your design to furniture items, even when static. Our products bring, in their design, trends nuances of the Italian and German schools of design.

Robust or Thin

More robust and with a wide range of finishes and colors, there will always be a caster made by Squadroni that will bring even more value to your project.

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